650 IWILEI RD #110, HONOLULU, HI 96817


Do you accept items with stains?

Sorry, we don’t accept items with heavy stains or dirt.

Do you accept brand name goods that aren’t in their original box or don’t have guarantee cards?

In most cases, yes; although, some exceptions apply. See our store staff for details.

What kind of product has the highest cash value?

Neat-looking, newer and popular, brand name goods tend to have the highest cash value.

Can I sell clothes that aren’t brand name?

Of course. Bring them to the store.

Can I exchange the wrong size clothes?

Sorry, we do not accept returns.

Do you take broken or damaged accessories?

Sorry, we don`t accept unwearable accessories. We do however accept gold or platinum for recycling.

Are there any items I can't sell to ECO TOWN?

Yes. Items with heavy stains or dirt are not accepted.

My 18-karat gold bracelet and ring have scratches; will you accept it?

Yes. We can pay for precious metals by the gram.

Can you assess items over the phone?

Sorry, accurate assessments are not possible over the phone.

My guitar is missing strings and some parts don't work. Can I still sell it?

No problem. Bring it in, and we’ll provide an assessment, no matter the condition.